Stats On Jockey, Trainer Combinations And More From Leicester, Redcar & Southwell.

Free daily horse racing statistics and trends from Leicester, Redcar & Southwell.

Statistics cover all todays runners, Horses, Trainers, Jockey’s. Including  Jockey, Trainer and horse combination performance. Taking into account percentage strike rate on the going, distance, direction, class, race type ‘non handicap’ / handicap, courses. Extra horse breeding statistics are also included over the various conditions.

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These daily horse racing trends are NOT designed to be tips, but are a vital guide for anyone wanting to start to understand how to win money from betting on horse racing.

Statistics are a guide to what is likely to happen, not a statement of what WILL happen.

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  Monday 24th Of  October Trends, Stats and pointers

Todays Horse Racing Statistics Covers all the racing from: Leicester, Redcar & Southwell.

Note: Statistics are subject to change from the advertised condition, Going, Jockey booking etc.


(Figures shown are at least 10 runs under the condition with a high winning strike rate.)

Statistics presented in the following format: (Time/Course/Condition/Horse Name/Runs/Wins/Percentage)

Today’s good HORSE Statistics:

13:30:00    Leicester    Horse Distance Win    West End Lad    17    7    41
17:00:00    Leicester    Horse Class Win    Steed    10    4    40
16:20:00    Southwell    Horse Career Win    Marsh Warbler    14    5    36
16:50:00    Southwell    Horse Track Win    Lujiana    11    4    36
16:20:00    Southwell    Horse Track Win    Hit The Switch    11    4    36

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Today’s good JOCKEY Statistics:
14:40:00 Redcar Jockey/Trainer 2yr Win Zaeem 11 5 45
15:00:00 Leicester Jockey Track Win Sadeeks Song (USA) 19 8 42
Today’s good TRAINER Statistics:

15:00:00    Leicester    Trainer Track Win    Borug (USA)    15    6    40

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Today’s good BREEDING Statistics:

None good enough today


(Statistics and trends will only cover runners forecast 7/2 or below and increased the minimum runs under the condition to 15) Also stats will only include runners up to a maximum of 5% winning strike rate under the condition.

So if you fancy a horse and it appears especially more than once, take another closer look. If you are looking to lay a horse to lose, then if it is mentioned a few times you are probabily on the right track. It gives you a great starting point to look a little deeper.

Statistics presented in the following format: (Time/Course/Condition/Horse Name/Runs/Wins/Percentage)

Today’s Negative HORSE Statistics:

None bad enough today

Today’s Negative JOCKEY Statistics:

14:20:00    Southwell    Jockey 14 Day Win    Hunting Gonk    28    0    0
14:20:00    Southwell    Jockey 14 Day Win    Hallings Quest    16    0    0
16:20:00    Southwell    Jockey/Trainer 2yr Win    Hit The Switch    29    1    3
16:00:00    Leicester    Jockey Track Win    Boy The Bell    48    2    4

Today’s Negative TRAINER Statistics:

16:20:00    Southwell    Trainer Track Win    Hit The Switch    15    0    0
15:10:00    Redcar    Trainer 14 Day Win    Christmas Light    24    1    4

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Today’s Negative BREEDING Statistics:

14:30:00    Leicester    Stallion Age 1yr Win    Madgenta (IRE)    50    1    2
14:30:00    Leicester    Stallion 1yr Win    Madgenta (IRE)    50    1    2
14:20:00    Southwell    Stallion Distance 1yr Win    Hallings Quest    28    1    4
16:00:00    Leicester    Stallion Distance 1yr Win    Cootehill Lass (IRE)    25    1    4


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