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The BetPlan is a horse racing betting system based purely on many years of statistical analysis. The system has taken many years to perfect, analysing thousands of races and horses over every condition possible.

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Everyday The BetPlan searches through every race and runner, then by using it's vast data base selects any horse that has a better than 50% chance of winning. Selections are then emailed to clients before 12pm with full details including current prices.

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We have achieved, which many felt was impossible, to hit a consistently high winning strike rate 50% + combined with a high volume of bets averaging 2 bets a day. Members achieve a high profit return, even staking at level stakes and experience the thrill of winning on a regular bases.

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The BetPlan

The BetPlan is a horse racing betting system based purely on Maths and years of statistical analysis. With a proven 'Rock Solid' history of results for over 5 years.

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COMPOUND PROFITS The Recommended Ratchet Stake Plan coupled with The BetPlan System produces amazing returns. Turning a small betting bank into Massive profits.

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1) Early Best Odds Guaranteed

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Selections are emailed daily to members with an optional SMS service and OR uploaded automatically to our recommended Betting Bots.

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